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Internet Surf Conditions

Among the blogs listed below are the blogs of internet watchdogs organizations. These organizations are dedicated to monitoring and exposing the threats to an open, free, and secure internet from governments, corporations, and other organizations. They remain especially vigilant against threats to such digital civil liberties as freedom of speech, freedom of information, and privacy. Most of these organizations maintain blogs to keep the public informed of developing threats and their efforts to contain them.

Other blogs included in the list below are internet-focused blogs. These blogs also pay attention to issues of digital civil liberties, but they also cover the internet more broadly. They report on a wider range of developments, including technological innovation, commercial development, criminal exploitation, and popular usage, that either foster or undermine the core values of a free, open, and secure internet. Besides civil liberties, these values include democracy, entrepreneurship, voluntary associationalism, and globalism.

Finally, the list below includes general technology blogs. These blogs discuss computer technology with a broader focus than just the internet. Still, many of their articles pertain to the internet.

In a way, all of these blogs kind of serve as internet surf reports, alerting internet surfers to developing swells and daily surf conditions on the internet.

aclu.jpg American Civil Liberties Union

arstechnica.jpg ArsTechnica

cdt.png Center for Democracy and Technology


cis.png Center for Internet and Society

digitaltrends.jpg Digital Trends

epic.jpg Electronic Privacy Information Center

eff.png Electronic Frontier Foundation

mashable.jpg Mashable

readwrite.jpg ReadWrite

techcrunch2.jpg TechCrunch

thenextweb.jpg TheNextWeb

verge.jpg The Verge

wired.gif Wired


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