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About Us

Digital Wave Surf Shop is an online geek store for anyone with a passion for technology, computers, or the internet. Whether you make your living working in the technology industry or you're just an internet enthusiast who spends countless hours surfing the internet, this store has the t-shirts, apparel, and accessories for your tech, computer, or web geek lifestyle.

Since surfing has become the dominant metaphor for internet usage, our store is inspired by the local beach town surf shop.  This kind of shop sells equipment that allows surfers to engage in their sport.  It also sells t-shirts, apparel, and accessories with surfing-themed graphic designs that lets surfers identify with and display their passion for surfing and surf culture.

For now, DWSS doesn't stock the hardware internet surfers need to surf the internet.  But similarly to the local beach town surf shop, it does offer t-shirts, apparel, and accessories with internet surfing-themed graphic designs based on binary code.  These designs allow internet surfers to identify with and display their geek passion for technology, computers, and the internet.

DWSS is also like a local beach town surf shop in that it seeks to provide advice, information, and a sense of community for internet surfers.  For information on internet surfing equipment and tools, check out the various guides we have listed under our Resources section.  For advice on internet surfing techniques and spots, give our blog a read.  For community, like and follow us on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

So if you're looking for some cool tech, computer, or web geek t-shirts, apparel, or accessories, or if you're just hunting for a geeky gift for a tech, computer, or web geek you know, you might find it here at Digital Wave Surf Shop, the internet's first surf shop for internet surfers.

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