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Like any local beach town surf shop, Digital Wave Surf Shop aspires to be a source of advice and information for surfers, though in our case we mean internet surfers. We want to offer them advice and information on internet surf equipment, tools, techniques, spots, and conditions.

If we cannot provide it ourselves, we at least would like to direct internet surfers to other sources elsewhere on the internet.

In the blog categories listed below, internet surfers will find lists of blogs offering advice and information on a wide range of internet-related topics.


istock-000001520756xsmall.jpg Internet Surfing Conditions

istock-000022233755-extrasmall.jpg Internet Surfing Equipment

istock-000016205298-extrasmall.jpg Internet Surfing Equipment Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Repair 

istock-000019299435xsmall.jpgInternet Surfing Tools and Techniques

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