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It's been a little bit of a challenge for us getting search engines, store directories, discovery engines, and other marketing tools to accurately categorize our store.  We are a surf shop, but we're not a surf shop as commonly understood.  We're a surf shop for internet surfers, not ocean surfers.  Lots of times, marketing tools group us with other surf shops or put us in a sporting goods category.  Maybe that's the price you pay for a unique concept.

Perhaps it would help if we compared ourselves to other stores like us.  For example, our store is similar to Thinkgeek.  Tagging itself as "smart stuff for smart masses," Thinkgeek sells clothing, gadgets, and gifts for geeks of all stripes.  We also sell geek clothing, gadgets, and gifts, though we focus mainly on internet and computer geeks.

Our store is also similar to Jinx.  Jinx is mainly an apparel store, claiming to sell "clothing inspired by video games & geek culture."  Its core product appears to be t-shirts.  Likewise, our core product is t-shirts, though our t-shirts are targeted more towards internet and computer geeks.

We are also like Splitreason.  Splitreason is a lot like Jinx, mainly selling "gear for geeks and gamers."

There are other sites like Thinkgeek, Jinx, and Splitreason to which we could compare ourselves, but hopefully we've done enough to make clear what we're about.  We'd only like to add that we attempt to be a little more than a geek store that sells geek stuff.  Our site also aspires to be a source of advice and information for internet surfers, much like surf shops do for surfers (there's that surf shop comparison again.)  Our site's Resources section provides advice and information for surfing the internet more effectively, enjoyably, and safely.

Thanks for stopping by. 

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